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HaaS Empowering Business Growth: Exploring the Benefits of Hardware-as-a-Service

If you dread writing checks for a network upgrade because it hits your cash flow in a big way, then you’ll want to look into HaaS or “hardware as a service.”

HaaS is becoming a more common option for businesses because it allows you to pay for ALL your IT services – hardware, installation, security, backups, applications, Internet, etc. – as a flat-fee service, thereby eliminating the heavy cash-flow hit of upgrading or expanding a computer network and giving you the ability to write off 100% of your IT expenses without having to depreciate those assets over time. Additionally, your IT provider takes total responsibility for the maintenance of your network.

Like businesses that lease their equipment, HaaS customers pay monthly for their infrastructure. This allows them to keep more cash in their pocket and gives them the tax advantage of converting a typical capital expense into an operational expense. But unlike leasing, HaaS can also do the following:

1) No More Expensive Surprise Upgrades. With HaaS, your computers are automatically replaced with new ones every 3-4 years, ensuring compatibility with almost any software refresh. No end-of-lease buyouts of outdated equipment or ever having to re-lease equipment again.

2) Warranties Are A Thing Of The Past. With a HaaS program, you get your equipment AND the service included in the monthly cost. Anything that goes wrong with the computer (like the inevitable computer crash just days after your warranty expires) is our problem to resolve. Plus, since HaaS computers are replaced on a regular schedule,

you don’t have to settle for

refurbished parts or old computers

for long.

HaaS Hardware as a Service

3) One Easy Invoice. Purchasing via

a HaaS program is like having a

condo. You get control of what

goes in it, but don’t have to worry

about maintenance, building-code

issues or updating the facade

Everything is in one low monthly fee!

Looking to upgrade equipment while saving cash?

Call us today at 901-377-1901 to find out if HaaS is right for you.

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