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Securing Your Business from Ransomware: RMM's Vital Role

Ransomware: An Increasing Threat Ransomware is nothing new. The first recorded example was in the late 1980s and it continues to spread at an accelerated pace. Did you know ransomware attacks are anticipated to cause $20 billion in damage this year, which is 57 times higher than in 20151? No business wants to experience downtime, yet on average it can take 287 days to recover from an attack2.

You need proactive and constant network security monitoring, intrusion detection, and advanced threat management to confidently protect your business. By working with a managed service provider (MSP) you don’t need to do it all on your own. As a trusted MSP we can play a critical role in helping your business stay ahead of the risks and better safeguard your data.

Reduce the Impact of a Ransomware Attack We use Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to remotely monitor, manage and support clients’ devices on their network. Datto RMM’s Ransomware Detection complements other endpoint security applications such as antivirus packages to provide an extra layer of security and helps reduce the impact of a ransomware attack.

It is a behavioral-based engine, rather than a signature-based approach that compares files to a known database, enabling our team to remotely monitor for the existence of crypto- ransomware on your devices, and be automatically notified when one of your devices becomes infected. Once detected, RMM Ransomware Detection isolates the device from the rest of your network to prevent the ransomware from spreading.

Key features: Immediate notification when ransomware is detected. Instead of waiting for one of your employees to report the issue, our support technicians will be automatically notified the moment your files start being encrypted by ransomware.

Quarantine the infected device to prevent the spread of ransomware. Once ransomware is detected, Datto RMM can automatically isolate the impacted device from the rest of the network.

I Recover quickly. Devices automatically isolated from the network still maintain contact with technicians through Datto RMM so we can help you quickly restore the impacted device to a previous state.

Ransomware has been a prominent threat to enterprises, SMBs, and individuals alike since the mid-2000s. However, there are several ways you can prepare yourself and limit the impact of these sophisticated attacks should ransomware hit your network. Datto RMM Ransomware Detection can help prepare your business for the worst and plan for a successful recovery. Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about our detection service and how to better protect your organization.

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