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We Tackle IT Management and Support Services to Diminish Cost, Limit Risk, and Create Peace of Mind

Your Go-To Tech Company for quality computer services

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Our RMS is one of the most valuable assets we can bring to your company. From 24/7 Remote Net Monitoring, to Cybersecurity and Cloud-Based Software this Service can give your business the peace of mind you did not know you needed.

 RemoteManaged IT Services

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Apple Services

TCSI is the only Apple Authorized Service Provider within 100 miles of Memphis. Our customers receive genuine Apple parts and the same level of standards as they would if they went into the Apple Store itself. You can be assured that your Apple devices are being serviced with the highest level of expertise and professionalism reducing the risk of downtime and lost of productivity

PC Services

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TCSi will diagnose your PC device and install upgrades and more. Our technicians will diagnose problems in front of you (per your request), and we will get you taken care of quickly with your device working like new.

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Rugged Tablet Solutions

Zebra Technologies and Tate Computer Systems has partnered to bring cutting edge tablet solutions for majors industries, including: Construction, Healthcare, Schools, and more. These durable tablets are Windows or Android based with capabilities for extreme conditions and an amazing battery life.

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Device Insurance 

We protect what you rely on. Keep your stuff protected without worrying about cost and complexity. Choose to protect just your phone, or all your stuff with our “Everything Protected” AKKO Plan. Swap items in your account when you upgrade or buy/sell stuff and Never Buy Another Protection Plan Again.

Staff Augmentation 

When you have a large looming IT project the last think you need to worry about is recruiting and hiring a team.  In today’s business climate you a reputable company that can help you so your company can focus on the big picture. Staff augmentation offering helps businesses to quickly scale up their team and resources.

Procurement Services 

In todays business world being able to procure locally has many benefits. It ensures that your company can receive good and materials at optimal times and maintain optimal levels. Partnering with TCSI will significantly reduce your transportation costs and environmental impact. By sourcing products and services locally, your company will dramatically minimize shipping, delivery times, and reduce it's carbon footprint while saving time on transportation expenses.

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